"All I want to do is  play music for amazing people and travel the world while I do it."


Richie Range(@richierange) x Adidas Shoe Launch


The Viceland bus (@vicelandbus) for The Meadows Music Festival (2017)


SXSW(2018 & 2019)



Tier Nightclub, Gilt Nightclub, Firestone, Venue 578, The Geekeasy, Parallel Nightclub, Elixir.

New York: 
Home Sweet Home, Paperbox, Lounge 247, The Well, Cafe Erzule, Our Wicked Lady, The Gateway, Trans-Pecos, Hill & Dale.

Tangra Nightclub, Jackson's, Patio Bar, WTR poolside club

McSorley's Irish pub(Ft.Lauderdale)
Stache (Ft.Lauderdale)
Myth nightclub (Jacksonville)
Club Cinema (Pompano Beach)
Streamline Hotel Rooftop (Daytona Beach)



MannyMak is the second youngest of five siblings from a small mobile home in Orlando, Florida. Since hearing the blaring music and screaming crowd at the club in front of his house, Young Manny was determined to be in the DJ booth one day. Now, a diverse, music-spinning electronic artist playing at some of New York and Florida’s top clubs, he’s achieved more than his young self could ever hope for. Since a young age, he was intrigued by Hip Hop, Freestyle, and Electronic culture and credits Tiesto, Old school hip hop, and the likes of Stevie B, TKA as very early influences to his artistry today. Manny started out by using VirtualDJ on his PC and mapped out his keyboard to be a DJ controller and spin for hours to learn the ropes of the game. In fact, he did this for 3 years until his father helped him invest in a MacBook Pro, the same one he still uses today!


Hours of dedication later, music had become a way of life for Manny, and he was stopping at nothing. He moved to New York City, home of Hip Hop, to fight his way to the top. With a Hispanic background and undeniable versatility, Manny’s art reinforces why his slogan “OrganizedChaos” isn’t just his brand, but a way of life. Through the years, he’s gained attention with his unpredictable and high-energy stage presence that his fans know and love him for. Notable performances include the featured DJ slot for the Viceland Bus at The Meadows Music Festival, Art Basel, and SXSW, as well as his set at Asteria Arts and Music Festival, and Okeechobee Music Festival to name just a few.


Manny has drawn crowds of over 3,000 people, which is no wonder why he won a national DJ competition called, Corona Electric Beach Battle for the Beach, and was asked to perform at EDC Orlando 2018 and was invited back in 2019. As well as two successful shoe launches for Richie Range x Adidas. With success so early on in his career, Manny has been faced with the trials and temptations of the industry. The “rockstar” life was an easy road to go down, but as a young, hard-working, and focused DJ, Manny has chosen to remain humble as he continues to advance. From growing up behind a club hearing DJ’s entertain crowds all night, to playing alongside the likes of 12th Planet, Nitti Gritti, and Ape Drums. MannyMak is quickly becoming one of the nation’s hottest young DJ. Follow @mannymak22 on all social media platforms to keep up to date on upcoming shows and releases.

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